Wine jug.


Ventilation. The process made for ensuring contact of the wine with air before drinking it. It is carried out for finding bouquet of aged wines. For this, the wine is pour into the jug which is called as decanter.


Process of tasting the wine. Assessment of the wine under the titles of appearance, smell and taste.


The word in the meaning of demi-neat. It is related to the sugar felt in taste of the wine. It is more seen in campaigns.


Residue remained in barrel and tank after fermentation or accumulated in aged wines. It is generally formed from dead yeast cells and small grape pieces.


Alcoholic beverage drunken after meal.


The God believed to produce wine and present to people in the Ancient Greek culture. He is one of the sons of Zeus. He is also God of enthusiasm and sorrow together with many feelings. He is also God of art as well as wine. Festivals were organized on his behalf during vine harvests.


A system which is established in Italy in 1963, similar to the French AOC system, arranging wine production. It is applied to protect quality depending on geographical boundaries, grape kinds, alcohol level, aging of wines.


It represents high quality among the Italian wines. A higher level than DOC in the Italian wine system.


It is a kind of red grape used in light fruit aromatic wines of Piemonte region on the northwest of Italy. Word meaning of Dolcetto is "sweetish". As is known, Dolce means sweet.

Dom Perignon: /h3>The French dervish who invented the campaign.


The French equivalent of Manor. Manors in Bourgogne are the units collecting large vineyards together.




A wine giving a complex and blurred sense. This term may be used for appearance, aroma and tastes or general style of the wine.


It is used to express high alcohol, full bodied, strong wines.