Earth aromas are divided into two parts as Mouldy and Earthy. It is a positive feature enriching aroma of the wine. Humic, mineral, wet leave, barn and powdery aromas fall into this category.


The name given by the German to sweet wines made from such grapes which are frozen in the vineyard and are late crops.


It is used in defining high quality, balanced wines.


A local grape for white wine produced in Cappadocia Region. Its young and neat wines are well-known which also carries characteristics of the soil on which it is grown and has melon, pear, yellow apple, eleagnus tree, pine and eucalyptus flavors.


Empty wines not giving taste on the palate and not having character.

Enology Oenology:

The discipline studying on wines and wine production.


A term expressing that the wine is bottled in its production place in the German winemaking.

Ethyl Acetate:

Odorizing substance like sugar and vinegar associated with acidic acid.


A tree home of which is Australia has purplish red flowers and is grown in hot climates. Eucalyptus flavor is also met in certain wines. It is classified among spices/vegetable flavors in degustation. It is also seen in the wines produced from Emir grapes.


The category in which taste richness and density in the wine is examined in the taste analysis during degustation. Tastes passing from grape to wine are considered. It is assessed under two titles including being light, middle, intensive and weak, expected, rich.