It is used to define full bodied, matured, rich, tasteful wines with high level of alcohol and low level of acid. These wines leave a collective, full taste of the palate.


It is used for such wines which are like a fat to some extent and leave a slippery sense on the palate due to combination of low acid and high glycerin. It may be seen in good qualified Chardonnay and late harvested sweet wines.


A production area in the main region Languedoc-Roussillon. It is famous for its red wines produced from Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes. It has also a few white wines produced from Clairette, Bourboulenc and Grenache Blanc grapes.


It is also known as Chasselas. A kind of white grape which is also grown around Germany and Alsace but origin of which is Switzerland.


It is the basic chemical process in wine production. Yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide and converts grape juice into wine.


The taste left by the wine in the mouth after tasting or swallowing it. Finish is the most important factor in determining quality of a wine. Finish of good wines is considered as long, balanced and complex. Finishes are evaluated on basis of being long-short, simple-complex, balanced-unbalanced and tannin, acidity, alcohol tastes.


It is called for the wines lost their color, taste, smell as a result of long years of waiting.


It is the name of light colored, delicate Sherries produced by relaxation by a yeast kind called as fluorine in Jerez and Puerto de Santa Maria. It is generally consumed by cooling.


A category of aromas. This group consists of violet, lilaca, rose, lavender, clove, geranium, daisy, jasmine, orange blossom, apple flower, robinia, almond flower and peach flower smells.

Forest fruits:

A general name used for defining the group covering flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, cowberry and cherry when defining flavor of the wine.


DOC white wine production region located around Frascati, Grottaferrata and Monteporizio Catone towns of Latium region in Italy and white wines there.


The Italian wine with little foam.


Fruit tastes and aromas left by the wine on nose and palate are also examined in degustation. In wines, many different fruit aromas and flavors may be found like forest fruits, citrus fruits, apple, apricot, cherry, pineapple, melon, mulberry and fig.

Full bodied:

It defines such wines alcohol and taste of which are proportional, which provide sense of weight on the tongue.


It is used for the wines providing sense broadness in the mouth.


A kind of white grape used in Hungary especially production of Tokaji Aszu wines.