A kind of grape grown in Italy, especially in its northern regions. It is used in production of red, white or rose wine.


A term used for the grapes picked later than normal harvest time and wines produced from them. Sugar percentage of these wines is high and harvest is generally delayed for effect of permanent mold.


It is used for the wines providing fruit taste good on the palate.


It defines green aromas reminding leaves. It is classified among forest odours. It is also called as Wet leaf.


It is the drops flown downwards from sides of glass upon shake of wine in the glass. The more droplets are intensive and the slower they move, the higher alcohol percentage is and the more extract amount is.


Time for availability of aroma and taste on the palate after sipping the wine. The longer they stay, the better the wine is.


It expresses lack of body, depth and taste. It is also used for low alcohol percentage.


The forestry region in inner parts of France and the French oak grown there and used in barrel production. It is preferred in relaxing cognacs.


An important wine region lying from inner sections of France along with Loire River to the city Nantes on coast of Atlantic. Loire is the longest river of France.