Local grape of the city Tokat. A kind of grape durable against road with a thick peel and high yield and in firewood color.


A kind of red grape grown in Piemonte on the northwest of Italy. It is used in production of famous wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. It has mostly a good component naturally. Root of the word, Nebbia means fog in Italy. The mountains Piemonte is famous for their fog.


The biggest wine bottle taking 15 liters or 20 standard bottles of wine. Nebuchadnezzar is the king of Babel who has caused the well-known vine gardens and conquered Israel.


A French name given to traders who make wine trade by using the grapes they purchase without carrying out viniculture and bottling and selling them under their own labels. It is a common business in Bourgogne. Meaning of the word is broker, trader.


It expresses blend of the wines not belonging to a single year. It is frequently applied in reinforced wines like Porto, Sherry and in sparkling wines. It is produced through blend of several vintages. Its abbreviation is NV.


A term used as synonymous with the terms of smell, aroma or bouquet. It is used for analysis of smells of wine in degustation.


Nouveau which is the French equivalent of the new is used in defining light, fruity, young wines which are drunken immediately and not aged. It is a name given to the wines which must be consumed within a few weeks instead of years, even months. The most famous and successful nouveau has been achieved in Beaujolais region.