Type of tree mostly preferred in barrel production. Aroma reserved by the wines kept in oak barrel. Oak also adds wine certain flavors like vanilla, mace, strawberry tree, butter, toasted bread, chocolate, bitter coffee.

Old oak:

Barrels generally for over 5 years to lose their oak characteristics.

Old vine:

Grapes of a high quality and getting few grapes since vines are old generally 40 years or longer.

Old world:

A general term used for the European countries producing wine.


Spanish equivalent of the word Fragrant. Oloroso which is one of two categories of Sherry is dark and full bodied. It may be found in an alcohol percentage in between 17% and 22% degree.


A hybrid, German white grape with high sugar and low acid which is developed in 1970s. It has been produced from mixture of Silvaner, Riesling, Mller and Thurgou grapes.


The God who taught people making wine in Ancient Egypt. He was believed to teach agriculture, growing wheat and grape, making beer together with wine.

Ox-eye daisy:

It takes its name from its big round and dark colored grains. It is grown in the Eastern Anatolia, especially in Elazig. It is used in production of wines suitable for being aged with its features of being structured, permanent, red fruity, filled and having light tannin.


Deformation undergone by the wine upon its contact with air. It may occur in the process of production as well as air leakage of the cork. It is applied in a controlled manner in reinforced wines such as Sherry and Madera.


It refers to the wine which has undergone oxidation. Smells such as acetone, vinegar, adhesive, soap, candle smells occur in oxidized wine.