The name given to Domisek Madeira. Root of the word is assumed to be related to Madeira barrels which remain under rain and get water.


It is used for the wines made from such grapes which leave an inappropriate acerbity on the tongue and not matured yet.


Sweet wine produced by special methods from the grapes much matured in Veneto region on the northeast of Italy. The best sample of it is sweet red Recioto della Valpolicella.


It is used in defining well-balanced red wines.


Large bottle receiving 4.5 liters or 6 bottles of wine. The king came to the throne after death of Slomo (Suleyman) according to the Torah.


A Spanish term defining aging for a long time of a wine with certain technical characteristics before its sale. For giving this name to red wines, they should be aged for at least four years, being in wooden barrel for at least one year.


Pomace remained after water of grape is taken in wine production. It consists of peel, seed and stalks.


A significant German wine region lying along with Rhein River. It is famous for its natural vineyards on the ramps most of which face to the south. Grapes mostly for white wine are produced.


A historical wine region in the South France lying along with Rhone River where many important wines like Chateaneuf-du-Pape are produced. It is famous for its strong red wines.


It is used for the wines having an attractive body, taste and bouquet, creating satiety on the palate.


One of the best kinds of white grape. They are considered among permanent grapes. It is grown for 500 years in Germany. Its wines have a complex structure, spices and fruit flavors and long finish. Its acidity and sugar percentage are suitable for aging.


Very significant wine region on the north of Spain. Its white ones and rose are also good but the best ones of the country are red wines. Grapes for red wine are mostly produced. Tempranillo is the most important grape grown in the region.


A special method applied in wine production in Italy to provide wine with a richness and body. The wine is put into barrels containing Recioto deposit after normal fermentation. The wine is kept in these barrels for 2-3 weeks and gains color and taste.


It is used for defining the wines made from grapes which are not matured so much or grown in hot areas.


Pink wine. It is obtained by separating grape juice from residue of red grapes at the early stage of fermentation to prevent much color.


Wine lost its freshness, taste, aroma. The word Stale used in the same meaning in English also defines urine of cattle.


It is used for such wines especially with high tannin or oak-like taste, which carry a hard and simple taste. It is also used for hard foams in sparkling wines.


A term used for well-developed wines providing sense of perfection with its smooth texture.


A white grape produced on the north of Rhone Valley of France and generally used by being blended with Marsanne.


It is used for the wines made by old methods or giving a taste as if so.