A village located in Languedoc area on the south of France and appellation. It is affiliated to Faugeres region in the main region Languedoc-Roussillion. It is famous for its red wines with spice aroma.


A wine production area in Bordeaux region of France. It is well-known with its red wines made with Merlot. Cabernet Franc grapes are also important.


A production area located on the north of Haut-Medoc in the main region Bordeaux. It is well-known with its Grand Cru wines.


A big bottle equal to 12 bottles in normal size and may take 9 liters of wine. Salmanazar is Assyria king. Assyria was a civilization established in Van Lake and surroundings.


Significant red wine grape of Toskano in the Middle Italy. It is a very old kind of grape used in production of various wines from fresh, light, young wines to full bodied wines. It is assumed to be used by the Roman, the word to de4rived from Sanguis Jovis meaning blood of Jupiter.


The town located in the province Tekirdag on the coastal of Marmara Sea on the southwest of Thrace. It is one of the regions where most of the wine grapes are grown in Trkiye. One eighth of lands of the town suitable for agriculture consist of vineyards and grapes for wine are produced over 50.000 tons per year in the town.

Sauvignon Blanc:

It is basically a kind of noble, white grape grown in Loire in Bordeaux region of France. It is also grown in many places throughout the world. It is generally blended with Semillon grapes and varies based on types. It has soft, demanding wines. There are strong aromas reminding green fruits such as grass, musk and gooseberry in the wines made from this grape.


A German term used to express sparkling wine.


A new kinde of grape spaciously grown in Rhine region of Germany. It was produced by the botanist Georger Scheu in 1916 by using Riesling and Silvaner grapes. It is used in production of the wines which are generally made from sweet grapes that are picked late. Its name was formed by combination of Scheu, name of its inventor, and Rebe which means wine.


It is used to define the wines with less or no sugar. It means that sugar contained in grape juice is fermented fully. Average 4 gram sugar per liter should be found in sec wine. This amount is considered as 2 gram in France and as 9 gram in Germany.


German sparkling wine of high quality. It is also called as Qualittschaumwein. It is generally made from a single kind of grape - from Riesling in general. It is known as more aromatic and sweeter than other sparkling wines.


Deposit. Residue accumulated in the bottle following aging process in red wine. It is not considered as a negative characteristic in general.


The grape for white wine traditionally grown in Bordeaux region of France. It is grown in many regions throughout the world and Thrace in Trkiye. It may be blended with many grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon. It is also used in Tilsim and Cumartesi white wines.


French-American hybrid grape. It is grown on the east of US, in England and a small district in France. It is used in production of sec white wine.


It is used for the wines with high acid percentage.


Reinforced wine made by using Polamino grapes in Jerez de la Frontera district of Spain. Sherrys also have kinds from sweet to sec. there are two main kinds including Fino and Oloroso. See. Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado, Manzanilla.


Shiraz which is one of the most valuable red grape kinds is a Middle East-origin classic grape for red wine grown in Rhone Valley of France since Roman Period and used in production of spicy and aromatic wines. It is called as Syrah in France and as Shiraz in Australia where it is mostly preferred. It comes to the forefront with its high level of tannin and acid amount at a high degree. While a young Shiraz has black pepper and mineral odors, it also takes blackcurrant flavors in case of a hot year.


It is used for the wines with a short effect after tasting.


It is used for defining soft texture in wine.


It is called for the wines with no uncertainty in their taste, aromas, balance and no complex feature.


Color of the wine.


A term used for defining smoke-like flavors.


It is used for the wines which are smooth, soft textured rounding on the palate and providing a silky sense in the mouth. In terms of texture of the wine; antonymous of soft is not hard, but rough.


The name given for wine waiter in restaurants. Sommeliers task is to present the wine in correct and appropriate temperature, to ensure correct meal-wine harmony, to express grape and wine characteristics to the customer completely.


It expresses the wines with sharp acid.


It is used for defining an uneven, rigid taste left in the mouth by red or some white wines due to tannin or high acid. When hardness is noticed, this acerbity is remarkable.


Local name of the wine made from Nebbiolo grape.


Sparkling wine made by being injected by carbon dioxide gas.


The name given to Pinot Noir in Germany. It is called as Pinot Gris de Grauburgunder. -burgunder at the end of the word refers that root of the grapes is Bourgogne.


A German term meaning 'late picked'. It is also used to express white wines made from the grapes picked up late.


The term used for spice smells in the wine such as black pepper, cinnamon, clove, cumin, mint.


Small bottle taking a quarter standard bottle of wine or campaign available especially in hotels, airplanes, trains and ships.


German equivalent of semi-sparkling wine.


Very slight feeling of carbonate. It is generally seen in young wines. It is considered as an unimportant defect.


The Italian word used for sparkling wines. It is antonymous of Frizzante.


The wine which has a raw taste and aroma reminding grape stalk or vine, is made probably from immature grapes.


It is used for the wines which are intensive and permanent on the palate and have a high tannin value.


The concept covering components of the wine including acid, tannin, alcohol, fruit and its entire taste.


It is used when expressing complicated wine filling mouth with its taste on the middle palate in degustation.


A kind of local grape which is generally produced in Aegean region, especially in Denizli and Manisa and also used as raisin. It is seedless and aromatic. It has pineapple, green apple aromas and exotic fruit tastes. Terra Sultaniye is a perfect Sultaniye monosepage.

Sweet Wine:

Wines with an alcohol percentage over 14% and an alcohol addition during or after fermentation.


It qualifies the wines dominated by sweet taste arising from sweet substances in the wine like sugar or alcohol.


German white grape with less qualified than Riesling and generally grown to be blended with other grapes.